Brain Trust 2020 Day Two (4 credit bundle)

Brain Trust 2020 DAY TWO - 4 credit bundle (CEU)

Session 5 - Role of Protective Equipment and Head Impact Sensors in Reducing Concussion Injury Risk. Presented by Jason Mihalik, PhD, CAT(C), ATC
Session 6 - Prevention and Education of Concussions in the Local Community. Presented by Johna Register-Mihalik, PhD, LAT, ATC
Session 7 - Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms in Children and Adults. Presented by Viviane Ugalide MD
Session 8 - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Management in Central Oregon. Presented by Viviane Ugalde, MD
Session 9 - Physical Therapist Concussion Panel with Laura Ahmed, PT, DPT, Lindsey Berg, DPT, and Lisa Corrigan, PT, DPT, ATC

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